Get rid of online education bubble theory ELTS official tentacles to the nternet

since the "Helen of Troy" Gong Haiyan’s ladder network and that good network news was forced to close after the confirmation, most recently an online education bubble theory Zhengtang and Emperor rampant, indeed for online education practitioners and researchers as one of the countless good meal, but in the eyes of Jia Lang, the online education industry at the moment the small setback is only a slight pause, the overall situation is still hot, but also far from the great shock and shuffle stage.

According to incomplete statistics, 2014

August online education financing amount is as high as 800 million, while the September geeks college financing, foreign Udemy, Echo360 financing, October future investment led Minerva University, online education "self financing", no matter how bad mouthing online, advocate bubble argument, have to accept the fact. Online education is still a step forward.

and now the traditional education forces at home and abroad are also looking at online and optimistic about the development of education, the evening of October 18th, IELTS Chinese official and online education platform 100 education cooperation "the United States Curve Wrecker to kibitz" lecture, chose two from entering the United States by top universities IELTS Curve Wrecker, about IELTS and experience study in the United States, is a really useful dry cargo sharing.

however, familiar with overseas training and IELTS industry is not difficult to find, this may be the official conservative strong color, rich flavor of the IELTS official for the first time in other online education platform to do promotion and cooperation, this kind of behavior and attitude is very interesting.

is in the Chinese IELTS official by the British Embassy Cultural and education section (BC) sponsored by the semi official institutions, has been very low-key in the domestic implementation of the IELTS exam, IELTS candidates committed to become the domestic study abroad is the first choice of examination, this year is the 25 anniversary of the Chinese just into market, even in the face of the Internet the surging wave of online education, IELTS official also sit still, the traditional examination is a giant in the field of practical action to move closer to the Internet, fully embodies the good prospect of online education, the traditional test changes continuously in order to adapt to the environment of the giants, make favourable move.


, why not the official selection of New Oriental, new channel IELTS, IELTS, and other traditional Longre education institutions, as their main business, choose a new year but


for TOEFL differentiation route favored online resources

this year, entered the 25 anniversary of Chinese IELTS, and traditional educational institutions rely on IELTS training propped up one day, let the IELTS blossom everywhere in the vast land of China, especially to foreign countries of the Commonwealth no one does not know the ielts. But people still think the impression of the United States to study abroad to test the concept of the TOEFL is still lingering, which is also a major problem has been plagued IELTS official. Now the pace of development at home and abroad on the Internet more and more quickly, the development of three major foreign online education platform is booming, and even a lot of American schools have started online.

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