Deng Qingxu vice president of sina promotion Zhou Xiaopeng as news editor

[Abstract] Zhou Xiaopeng will be responsible for Sina News, blogs and information security services.


Sina promoted Deng Qingxu, vice president of the as news editor

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on August 19th

left Chen Tong era of sina portal is division under the reform of running. Tencent science and technology, Du Hong, President of sina portal today released internal e-mail, promoted to vice president of sina, appointed Vice President and chief editor of, sina.

among them, Deng Qingxu is responsible for Sina Finance and technology division. Zhou Xiaopeng is responsible for Sina News, blog and information security business. Deng Qingxu, Zhou Xiaopeng was promoted at the same time, their respective original report line does not change.

data show that Deng Qingxu joined Sina in 2001, served as editor of the financial channel, deputy editor of the financial channel, deputy editor of the science and technology channel, deputy director of the financial center, since 2007, director of any financial center. Before joining Sina, Xinhua Finance channel.

Zhou Xiaopeng in 2007 to enter the Sina News Center, has served as deputy director and director of. Zhou Xiaopeng began to get involved in the field of Internet since 1998, served as deputy director of the China Daily website marketing, global online director and assistant to the president and other duties.

February 21, 2011, appointed operations center, financial center, Deng Qingxu Zhou Xiaopeng news, sina sports channel Luyang as deputy editor in chief of, executive vice president, directly to Sina editor Chen Tong report.

Sina has long been faced with sales and content of the dispute, by the end of 2012, Sina announced the company’s restructuring, Cao Guowei appointed Sina COO Du red overall responsible for the portal business, the report of the latter to the Chen Tong.

in October 2014, a further decline in the status of Chen Tong Sina, the turnover also declared the end of the era of strong editor.

at that time, Zhou Xiaopeng, Deng Qingxu, Lu Yangjun as a popular candidate, editor in chief of however, due to the vertical development of the portal content, and from content oriented to sales oriented, editor rights have been greatly weakened.

later, the editor in chief of foreign did not appear strong, instead, the Sina portal further vertical management, the establishment of each plate division, responsible for their own profits and losses, improves the autonomy of people responsible for a single plate.


portal to some extent hope the hatching of similar Leju mode, there are rumors that sina sports recently split brewing at the beginning of this year, Lenovo executives Wei Jianglei joined Sina as a senior vice president of sina, sina is in charge of sports served as the general manager of sina sports department.

music has been split as soon as the previous independent financing. Founded in May this year, nearly 1 years of music as the sports and cultural industry development (North)

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