Hot event = Bermuda Triangle

recently the colourful door raise a Babel of criticism of the event was finally with Edison Chan Liuyang overseas temporarily subsided, many owners in the energy-saving

gets a lot of traffic, but also improve the popularity, not for several domestic large community forum posts and a record, this event for the entertainment pictures website friends, is also a good opportunity to grow, a small ant so many webmaster in website customers like to promote the boat sank, the younger brother of my website is no exception, always want to get some benefits to the mouth of the meat, who do not want to eat, when doing this topic I find some interesting phenomena, and we also hope that we can share enough to draw a lesson

due to the colourful door all belong to the category of many pornographic pictures, so when I publish pictures carefully, just choose those not exposed as a hot spot to attract people, as far as the photograph estimates I do not say that everyone knows, just released up for an hour, replies volume reached more than and 200, mainly it is because of the arrangement of the reply to see the rules, in a few days, the amount of registered members of the forum also increased, I was very happy, and then released a video that we are more interested in, the more obvious the effect of course, plus a keyword for this I did SEO, ranked in the main Baidu keyword search is a few a few before, when I went, my good friend told me a webmaster site because his placed XXX photo was sealed, I’ll see if I have put almost half Three months, the government is busy relief, no time to pay attention to, and now the effect is reached, it is time to go back, I immediately put all of this kind of topics removed, escaped

from this hot event I realized a few points, and we explore together:

1 do not engage in illegal things, as long as the eye is to attract everyone (I put photos are not XX)

2 the early bird catches the worm to the incident occurred in late January in mid February is the climax, actually think is understandable, we are on holiday at home, doing nothing, besides, Chinese would love to join in the fun, is also a major factor in this time continue to climax, mainly from the beginning to the climax did about twenty days, and then under the decisive frame, should be sure to seize the opportunity

3 this kind of thing can be said to be very difficult to meet, especially that we are concerned about the incident, and that NPC and CPPCC deputies proposed opinions, so sensational events are often transient, when your site from a search engine Links where the traffic did not increase significantly when what, this thing is Dongfeng well, it can give you a lift, do not say, it is huoshaolianying, be careful

Some people say that

is the power of the network to expand the events of the argument, I agreed, the power of the network is very good, a lot of things I have not mentioned, nobody in reality, no one is willing to manage, "

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