How to become a good heart Baidu post bar left NetEase LOFTER right

recently, Shanghai CCG exhibition and Santiago International Animation Exhibition opened, so that once again become the focus of media attention subculture. If you say, spanning ten years of Internet evergreen tree Baidu post bar is the representative of China’s youth subculture, then across the NetEase LOFTER for four years, it can be said that China’s new subculture of the show. After the introduction of both around the interests of users as the center, but also in the development process has successfully attracted 80, 90 after two generations of users, just a left, a right.

from 80 to 90: stick and LOFTER across the user class

"sub culture" is usually considered for ordinary people to understand the cultural form, sub cultural groups and the construction of the mainstream culture, also have more say 60, 70 in the concept of incompatible behavior. Sub culture is representative of the two dimensional culture. Two dimensional attributes have been considered to be the main characteristics of China’s 90 groups, the influence of the group of the two dimension, purchasing power in recent years, more and more attention, many products have become the object of hard pursuit.

Baidu Post Bar after the launch in 2003, the number of products in the wind and cloud, WeChat, micro-blog users have more than ten years aging class, from a to 80 based products, intergenerational divide smoothly become 90 as the main products, the products that rely on internal interest formed around the formation of the youth subculture. An unexpected finding was that the NetEase LOFTER, which was launched in 2011, seems to be on a similar path.

has worked with photography, illustration works open light blog LOFTER situation, has long been considered a 80 young literary niche products. After 80 groups of sub cultural characteristics are generally summarized as non mainstream, visual system, small fresh…… These characteristics directly led to the birth of pictures, visual based social products. 90 after the subculture of the brain hole, kichiku, adorable and other features, corresponding to spawned a variety of vertical communities of interest and the barrage of video products. LOFTER 80 visual needs was born, because the picture can be creative, the label should be 90 semi closed hole in the brain to make it successful serendipitously products set to touch the majority of products can not touch the g-spot.

LOFTER each tag is like 1.5 closed post bar

this year, many people have a very clear feeling, that is, NetEase LOFTER occupied by the two dimension. Product data show that 75% of LOFTER users are students, there are young people under the age of 50%, of which there are more than 1/3 is the user of the two dimensional. This represents, and stick similar, after 90 sub culture, two dimensional culture has become the mainstream culture of LOFTER. The question is, why do many products to seize the user 90 "uninvited"


LOFTER there are a lot of tags is very popular, these tags are users publish pictures, articles, self set keywords. On behalf of

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