Triple play pilot scheme was rejected second draft Broadcasting Broadband racing

triple play pilot scheme is still down

reporter recently learned that in early May this year, network broadcasting, the letter submitted to the two departments integration pilot program second draft by the State Council working group that the triple play is still a lack of maneuverability, be required to modify.

it is worth noting that, with the two departments in the first draft in the pilot city, entered the business scope of the two-way tit for tat, the two draft submitted by both sides to avoid many sensitive issues, and the competition between the two sides in the broadband rate has become the focus of.

at the same time, Guangdong Telecom announced that it will be in this year, 5·, 17 world telecommunication day launched a broadband upgrade plan, the original 2M bandwidth users will be free to upgrade to 4M. It is said that this is only the beginning of telecom broadband upgrade plan, by the end of 2012, telecom operators have been targeted for broadband upgrade 100M.

Telecom broadband speed behind


in April 2, the Ministry of industry, SARFT submitted the first draft of the fusion program by the State Council Working Group on the triple play of "lack of implementation of the" grounds rejected, both sides of the layout is still in progress.

in April 8th, the Ministry of industry jointly issued the 6 ministries "on promoting the construction of fiber-optic broadband network opinion" (No. 105), which made it clear to the bottom line in 2011 nationwide Telecom optical broadband home for the city: 8Mbps, 2Mbps in rural areas. China Telecom is said that by the end of 2010 to make access to domestic broadband access rate of 70% of the city to 12Mbps.

in the broadband speed Telecom released and targeting high-definition video services, SARFT below (No. 41) announced a halt in other areas of Shanghai, Jiangsu and other 2 provinces and 12 foreign IPTV business, then demand for Internet TV content emerging "according to the contents of the license (Shuangpai" + content integrated license regulation).

, senior Telecom expert Hou Ziqiang said, "the Ministry announced a unilateral 3 years 150 billion yuan broadband investment plans while encouraging, but unfortunately No. 105 unit of sending and receiving documents are not SARFT, this is really the press played a gourd dipper."

in fact, problems in the pilot program of triple play, focus on both sides of the game from the previous pilot scope to the broadband business, as on radio and television inventory IPTV response, telecom proposed a more radical bandwidth upgrade plan.

The pilot program

reporter from second to 2012, the draft, the pilot area of the cable access network to realize home broadcast downlink bandwidth of more than 2Gbps, slivercasting downlink bandwidth of more than 1Gbps, the broadband access capacity of more than 100Mbps; telecom broadband access with 1Gbps down, 100Mbps into the ability of households.

and in April 2nd the two sides handed over the first draft of the broadband access

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