Hitwise China buy site visits showed a collective decline trend

market research firm Hitwise latest competitive intelligence data show that in June 2011 China accounted for 0.84% of the total number of visits to the site of the industry’s share of visits, in December the share of visits dropped to 0.61%. This proves the second half of 2011 to Chinese group purchase website advertising volume shrinking, from the beginning of the advertising campaign to present financing difficulties as a result of group purchase website of each big website layoffs, local station closed on the brink of collapse, so that the China group purchase website visits a downward trend. At the same time, the United States to buy site visits in all sectors of the United States share from 0.13% in June 2011 to 0.08% in December, also showed a gradual decline in the trend.


Hitwise ranking analysis data show that in December 2011 Juhuasuan accounted for 13.6% of China’s total number of visits to buy the industry ranked first. U.S. mission network to 9.3% of the share of the amount of visits ranked second, the review group to a small gap (9.1%) ranked third. Fourth to tenth in order to handle network (6.9%), Jingdong (6.3%), rice network group purchase (6%), pat (5.6%), Wo Wo Group group (5.4%), the 58 group purchase (3.7%) and tick group (3.5%). The top ten total visits have accounted for the overall group purchase industry visits of 69.3%. The United States to buy the industry’s top two Groupon and Living Social visits, accounting for more than the United States to buy the industry more than 80%, showing two dominant situation.


data pointed out that the handle network in China to buy the site’s share of visits from 2011 to October began to decline significantly, from October to December, two months of its share of visits decreased by 35%. Jingdong group is China’s second half of the group to buy the share of the growth in the share of visits, from June to December its share of visits increased by 5 times.



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Hitwise access path data show that in December 2011 Chinese group purchase sites upstream of the site, 30.5% of the traffic from the navigation group purchase website, including Baidu group purchase is the 6.85% ranked first in the group purchase site upstream. Secondly, the contribution of traffic is more e-commerce website (15.6%), search engine contribution in the top third (6.4%).

buy navigation class website 3 (Baidu buy, 360 buy navigation, mission 800) for the Chinese buy site contribution rate from June 2011 began to rise, especially during the period from June to July, the contribution rate increased by. At the same time e-mail website has gradually become one of the main sources of traffic to buy a website >

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