Regulatory compliance Article seven bursts into the nternet financial enterprises shengsijie

sina science and Technology Xu Li

October 13th, the general office of the State Council issued a formal "Internet financial risk special rectification work plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), the financial risks of the Internet special rectification work carried out comprehensive arrangements for the deployment.

at the same time, a line of three, as well as the relevant departments of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and other departments issued a dense package, on their respective areas of large-scale centralized remediation.

The number of the program, many departments involved in a wide range of

and which is extremely rare, no wonder people call, "Internet Financial attack surface strongest supervision".

bursts of seven text

first issued the entire Internet financial sector programmatic file that the previously mentioned "implementation plan", then, Department of the central bank and the CBRC, CIRC, CSRC and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce have issued a rectification scheme in their respective fields. The goal is to form a comprehensive report on China’s Internet financial regulation, establish and improve the long-term mechanism of Internet financial regulation.

in accordance with the "implementation plan" requirements, special rectification work should be completed before the end of March next year.

in fact, the implementation plan as early as April 14th this year to get approval and distribution. The same day, the State Council organized 14 ministries held a television conference, announced the launch of a special rectification of the Internet in the country’s financial sector, a year.

go back, in July 2015, the central bank and other ten ministries issued "guidance" on promoting the healthy development of Internet banking, according to the classification regulation principle, various types of formats divided by the financial regulatory authorities responsible for the different.

for this series of remediation program released by the president of the Guangdong Association for science and technology Chen Baoguo mutual gold Sina said that the renovation scheme shows the continuity of regulatory policy, the main regulatory responsibility, supervision of the red line, the depository of funds are made explicit requirements, and more detailed, the executable is strong.

focus on remediation areas

remediation is to implement the requirements of the regulation in place. The current rectification work has achieved initial results of diagnostic investigation, the next step is to categorize the rectification work." Professor Huang Zhen, director of the Institute of financial law, Central University of Finance and Economics, said sina science and technology.

currently in the field of Internet banking risks are mainly concentrated in the P2P lending network, the congregation to raise equity, Internet insurance, the third party payment of Internet financial sector, advertising and other areas, "implementation plan" is the natural field as a key improvement.

1, P2P network lending

in the field of P2P lending criticized the most, the focus of rectification is to implement the network location information intermediary lending institutions, prohibit network lending institutions to break through the information intermediary function positioning carried out to establish a pool of funds, protect themselves from the financial loans and other illegal activities.


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