The restaurant APP online and offline shady tall black workshop September 28 Hangzhou Xinhua (Xinhua viewpoint reporter Qu Lingyan, Wei Donghua) to open the computer or mobile phone APP, fingertips, picture a coveted delicacy will be delivered to the table. "The mouse wheel" O2O ordering models are more and more people of all ages city white-collar workers and students.

but these tall on the screen looks as if delicacy is so bright? Reporter survey found that some in the WeChat circle and "hungry" and "beauty" online ordering platform "rave delicacy store" is undocumented, sewage crosscurrent, oil Montreal "flies restaurant".

Many websites popular store called "

flies restaurant"

login "hungry" website popular stores, "Yi Wei Xuan" menu on the scallion bream, boiled fish, potato ribs look delicious and delicate; in the U.S. group net delivery channel, "food was good porridge road from the menu to the cold dish and drinks soup Goods are available in all varieties., looks delicious and formal.

day before reporters follow Xihu District Market Supervision Bureau of Hangzhou city law enforcement officers came to the Hangzhou city village nine Lotus Village on-site inspection, found that the "Yi Wei Xuan" "food was good porridge road dishes, from here the black workshop.

reporter saw the actual address nine Lian Zhuang No. 60 is the "food was good porridge road". Most of the business comes from the takeaway website. Law enforcement officers found in the house a big thick bill orders from the room location to see most of the surrounding buildings. The takeaway box also posted a two-dimensional code convenient customer query.

surprisingly, make these networks "delicacy" kitchen, is typical of the "filthy" yard: two rooms, a kitchen, a room for office and living. Kitchen ingredients, cooking utensils and stove placed messy, slippery ground, covered with grease accumulation vintage, exudes the stench of sewers are exposed. After investigation, this small workshop is the store to spend 800 yuan per month rent, no business license and health permit.

Nearby residents told reporters

, nine Lian Zhuang here a family "congestion flies restaurant", but local residents who have seen the kitchen scene did not dare to eat.

Hangzhou Xihu District Market Supervision Bureau joint public security, urban management, environmental protection, health and other related departments in the nine days before the Lian Zhuang total inventory found 35 undocumented small workshop harsh environment, catering.

reporter went to Hangzhou is located near the Binjiang University Park, an area of several path formed arranged in a crisscross pattern called "garbage Street", because here peasant housing rent is low, regional concentration of hundreds of shops catering and food stalls. The most impressive is the middle of the three open garbage transfer station. Flies around the stench of garbage buzzing, some snack shop open on station.

Through the investigation of nine

Lian Zhuang etc. black workshop, Hangzhou market supervision department found that the alleged violations of the network by ordering website with flash food network, Amoy little beauty group >

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