Rebate website playing with fire play edge ball pyramid

text / Gu Xiaobo

I give Taobao bring a user, the last traded 100 stores, profits 20, I 10, I returned to consumers 5, all three parties benefit — the rebate website describes himself.

in fact this is a business of selling traffic, but in 2009 as more and more of the rebate website, some of which have started to go astray, Fujian hundred percent rebate network, the Wenzhou business alliance, thousands of shopping merchants do not sell products, by the development of offline money "MLM" website is the end.

and other domestic formal rebate website has also been affected, the gradual decline in the electricity supplier in the chain, but reporters found that recently there are a number of rebate sites began to hit "pyramid" edge ball, even directly on the site a "line" vocabulary.

pull the head hit the edge ball

popular MLM promotion

open the rebate network, meters off the network, the return of net rebate website after registration, users will get a link, the link can invite friends to join, invitees get a certain amount of reward.

, that is to say, the registered user does not need to spend their own, as long as the widening friends register and consumption through the rebate site, you can get a cash income. The amount of incentives ranging from 10 yuan to several hundred yuan, a call to the web site known as Hui each invite a friend can get up to 200 yuan reward, each invited 1 friends friends get the rebate when registration is successful, you can get more than 2.5 yuan bonus.


website has a large number of popular in Fujian, reporters call the Fujian province Industrial and Commercial Bureau MLM advisory telephone, a staff member explained that the different practices and had been punished for "hundred percent rebate network" website, user registration is the actual consumption, rather than by adding to the "line" pay a Commission, but now the rebate site to pull the head, and through the "offline" consumption to calculate "on-line" compensation way has been very close to the pyramid, can be defined as a disguised pyramid.

a rebate site in accordance with the number of referrals to the user classification and the corresponding payment.

reporter noted that the relationship between the part of the rebate website will invite and invitees called "master", and some sites even in the official explanation of the direct use of the "line" of the word, on-line depending on how much profit line number and amount of consumption.

according to the 2005 State Council promulgated the "regulations prohibit pyramid schemes", the organizers or operators through the development of staff, who asked to be the development of the development of other people to join, the development personnel directly or indirectly to the rolling development of the number of personnel for the calculation and payment (including incentives and other economic benefits), or required by the development of personnel development other people to join, to form the offline relationships, and the following line sales on the basis of the calculation and payment of compensation lines, seek illegal interests, are pyramid schemes.

of the rebate website promotion methods and regulations.

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