Jingdong layout buy line mode is not the only group

group purchase is not what fresh topic, is the first of several test, initial effect, then thousands of war, bloody, finally is involved, a certain country. Now the new is how to get to the next group purchase, two road line, which is the broad road of


according to Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong revealed that Jingdong mall will be launched in the next three months to buy business. As for the specific details, Liu Qiangdong did not disclose too much. Analysts believe that in order to start the class 3C products such as Jingdong to join the competition to buy, it is also possible to buy business to 3C products.

is currently the group purchase mode is mainly line of products and services, including catering, entertainment, beauty and other life service information and lifestyle products, mainly to complete the online product model is still relatively rare, and most of the group purchase site acts as third party role, by selling into profit, to sell their own goods as the group purchase the website is less. Online and offline, which model is superior in the author’s opinion, the two have their own advantages and disadvantages, who is superior than anyone else is not to say, but the online model is still worth looking forward to.

traditional line of products based on customer service, the core value of two points, on the one hand to attract a large number of low popularity, to bring benefits to the user; on the other hand, for the seller to do brand promotion. In this process, whether the seller, user or group purchase station to play their proper role, threefold. And relative to the general online shopping, this group can also save the logistics mode, bypassing the online shopping market is a big stumbling block. However, due to the independent group buying site belongs to the third party, the dispute occurs in the course of the purchase of the responsible person is not clear, the interests of consumers can not get good protection.

in fact, Jingdong is not the first to get involved in e-commerce sites, before this, Taobao has also launched a Juhuasuan buy page, the difference is that Taobao still acts as the role of the third party. B2C site to buy, in fact, only in the original time limit, such as the purchase of promotional activities to do some variants. Compared with the traditional independent group purchase mode, its advantage is that, first, the diversity of the goods are superior, but strictly speaking, these two modes of goods is not comparable. Second, B2C site to do their own sellers, reducing the number of similar to the independent group buying sites that dispute. But the disadvantage is reflected in the price elasticity, commodity B2C website is much lower than the profits of goods merchant service under the line, the discount space is relatively small, especially like the 3C products of the Jingdong. However, since you can provide a limited time to buy such a low price, now why can not buy and buy a lot of time limit or discount, and buy only one or two daily.

if the Jingdong is really in the online group purchase products, then the Jingdong and independent group purchase website will not form a direct competitive relationship, that is to say two kinds of online and offline group purchase model actually does not conflict. At present, the line mode is still the mainstream, for the current Group buy >

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