The global electricity supplier industry may occur next year these 5 mergers and acquisitions

[Abstract]2015, Recode predicted Alibaba acquisition of eBay, WAL-MART acquisition of PayPal, these will happen?


Tencent Francisco December 31st, the electricity supplier industry rarely appears on the $one billion deal, however, due to the emergence of a series of big events, the possibility will increase the magnitude of the transaction we witnessed in 2015.

on the IPO in the history of the largest (IPO), the brainchild of Alibaba may be a big move in the coming year. EBay and PayPal plans to split up will make acquisitions possible.

at the same time, some of the slower pace of development, but the larger start-up companies may also be married into the wealthy and get a good way out.

is the U.S. technology news site Recode reporter Jason Bradley (Jason Del Rey) forecast the electricity supplier industry may happen next year five heavyweight deal.

Alibaba acquired eBay

electricity supplier website eBay has announced that it will be stripped of the payment sector PayPal in 2015, making it a separate listing of the company. The move is also seen as PayPal and eBay for future buyers to make strategic adjustments.

electricity supplier industry is very keen to speculate that the market value of up to $263 billion in Alibaba may be eBay revenue sac. The development of Alibaba in the United States has not yet formed a climate, and the accession of eBay can help it achieve this goal.

In addition, the strong combination of the two will help the emerging markets in the emerging challenges of the Amazon

. Furthermore, both claimed that the difference with Amazon is: do not grab business on their own platform businesses.

other potential buyers: Google or amazon.

WAL-MART acquired PayPal

this may not be the most sexy mergers and acquisitions, especially for PayPal employees. However, sources said, WAL-MART executives have been in the past few months on the feasibility of the program were discussed.

for WAL-MART, the acquisition of PayPal can serve multiple purposes: first, to have a huge user base, and verification of payment to enter the field of mobile payments, challenge Apple’s Apple Pay CurrentC, to replace the mobile payment by the retailer support.

If WAL-MART will

PayPal as its payment option, it may reduce the cost of WAL-MART to pay the credit card issuers, because many PayPal users will choose the bank account, rather than credit card payment. In addition, it may also be WAL-MART and other financial institutions to negotiate on the cost of additional weight.


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