Double 11 battlefield Tmall 2 5 hours turnover exceeded 50 billion yuan

11 Tmall Carnival again and again to refresh the record, in the early morning of 02:30:202016 Tmall’s global turnover of $11 double Carnival reached $50 billion, of which mobile terminal transactions accounted for 83.72%.

this year 11, Tmall mall has created 52 seconds turnover breaking the record of 1 billion, followed by a series of digital amazing, 6 minutes and 58 seconds of turnover exceeded 10 billion, and the amount of the same with the last 12 minutes and 28 seconds, fast nearly doubled. In the beginning of 1 hours after two hours, the transaction amount that exceeded $35 billion 300 million in 11.

now, the biggest suspense is the amount of the transaction will reach 11 double a day, last year was $92 billion 100 million, and now it seems that this year exceeded billion is an inevitable trend.

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