Fake hermes secret 80% network purchasing counterfeit products

He Ze; Chen Shijun

suppose that there is a scene like this, a white-collar workers in the network to buy a few million Hermes bag, the bag made, and to provide invoices and other documents, but the real price is only 1/10 of the purchase price, the package is not a manufacturer of Hermes, but a factory in Guangdong……

this scene, not fiction, but the fact that often occurs.

days ago, Hermes CEO Patrick · Thomas in an interview with the media said, "the network purchasing 80% of Hermes are counterfeit products."

the reporter learned that the investigation, in the process of the identification of genuine Hermes bag, there is a big loophole. This vulnerability is becoming a hotbed of gray and black transactions. The use of consumer misunderstanding and trust, a fake hermes bag, you can even bring more than one hundred thousand of the profits for traders.

this is probably the secret of Hermes fraud.

take goods 8 business

"our goods can be sent to Hongkong counter verification. Check out the guarantee is genuine." At the beginning of June 2012, a wholesale trade company customer service manager confidently told reporters.

the customer service manager of sales of goods brand Hermes – a famous international luxury brands, just an ordinary bag hanging on the label, its price will reach several million.

in the wholesale trade company in inventory, the Hermes handbag price is only 2999 yuan, if the order is large, can also be discounted. "Even if people often use Hermes, it is difficult to see our goods is imitation goods, we have customers to get the counter to test, the results are said to be genuine."

the name of this foreign trade company, "take goods 8", in the circle of imitation luxury, they have a small reputation. They claimed a considerable number of domestic luxury goods purchasing website in hermes bags, are from their company, and they are located in the Guangdong area, to the factory orders, custom high imitation Hermes bag. "If necessary, we can even before looking for French Hermes workers custom bags, but the price will be more expensive."

with Hermes CEO cannon network channel 80% Hermes bag fraud, such a false underground package manufacturing chain is gradually surfaced, they from the factory to the sales, at least more than three links. However, their way of fraud, but no one knows.

"our products are made of imported leather materials, and commissioned the production of high-quality foundries." The wholesale trade company who told reporters, "if the customer is required on the simulation, we can even use the original Hermes leather, so the more can be deceptive."

sounds, this seems to be a (high imitation goods). "

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