Stationmaster net broadcast biography rice unification network collapse Nora acquisition of film and

1 had dropped the dining reservation site Fantong where?  


April 23rd morning news, once in the catering industry is very famous booking site Fantong today in collapse suspicions.

login, but the page has not opened, and according to the data in the early ten days ago Fantong had no traffic data, the page 400 phone is busy nobody turned on.

according to the relevant information, the network was established in 2003, known as China’s first free restaurant reservation service, free of charge to provide food and beverage discount discount online catering services. 2008, rice unification network has been represented by Japan’s Asian investment in four overseas venture capital companies nearly 30 million yuan ($4 million) venture capital.

2 Nora Jurisprudence: the acquisition of film and television domain name seek transformation  

news April 23rd, recently, Nora announced the closure of the Qvod server end broadcast mode Nirvana rebirth. From three aspects to do the original content of the transformation. Among them, the purchase of film and television domain name is its breakthrough transformation of the skirmish. According to the domain name Forum ( users broke the news, its data collection from a wide range of research, Nora or has a low-key acquisition of domain name

it is understood that in a domain name trading platform, found on the front page of the "classic case" in our LOGO and logo, that "China whois query system," movie " domain name registered in July 1998, a new record in 15 this month, the domain name information.

3 self service providers Weebly and Sequoia $35 million joint investment

recently, self service provider Weebly to get a total investment of $35 million, the valuation reached $455 million so far, Tencent and Sequoia Capital to participate in the current round of financing.


Web was born, the Internet publishing tools have been around that time, GeoCities and Angelfire dominate because provide easy-to-use services. Including Weebly, Squarespace and Wix, the most recent generation of station service providers, let people get rid of dependence on programming, using drag and drop tools allow millions of small and medium-sized enterprises to fully take the Internet car ride, seeking the way to survive the diversification for their own business.

4 Liu Qiangdong venture 3 tragic piece: the night of sorrow Whitehead  


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