Trojan viruses phishing sites by earthquake alert users to defraud insiders tips

Xinhua Chongqing, August (reporter Zhao Yufei) recently, the Yunnan earthquake has become the focus of attention of the whole society. However, Baidu security center and other domestic manufacturers of network security monitoring found that after the earthquake, a variety of viruses, phishing sites have the earthquake news "Yunnan Ludian earthquake relief donation site and other forms of online banking accounts and steal user passwords, causing users property damage.

after the earthquake, Mr. Zhang Chongqing Shapingba district is very concerned about the latest rescue news. 5, 2009, Mr. Zhang used the phone to browse the news when the Internet found a new earthquake called Yunnan Ludian heavy news link, he was curious after clicking, did not find the relevant news. About three hours later, he found himself in the online banking theft brush 2000 yuan take wings to itself.

Baidu security center monitoring found that after the earthquake, and the Yunnan Ludian earthquake related trojan virus, phishing sites showed a sharp upward trend. The Trojans criminals disguised as "Yunnan Ludian earthquake charity aid" Chinese Red Cross foundation, the China Charity Federation, or the fake earthquake scene picture news links, etc., to promote in the forum, social networking site, QQ group, trick users to open links or implanted Trojan phishing sites, and then steal online banking the account number and password, fraudulent online banking accounts.

security experts remind, every hot events occur, the Trojan virus will disguise, take advantage of a weak point. The majority of users in reading Yunnan Ludian earthquake and other hot news, we must choose the authority of the media reports, do not click on the URL URL is unknown. Relief donations must go to the official website of the formal organization. Once a computer or mobile phone is abnormal, immediately killing using security software to avoid property damage.

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