The joy of vertical B2C dilemma no longer entangled with the star as the center


Le bee network CEO Wang Licheng


" is a reference to electricity supplier Sina Technology launched a focus on the electricity supplier industry, the focus of enterprise, focus focus section, hope that through the depth interpretation of the current development strategy, business enterprise management mode and development direction of the electricity supplier industry situation and breakthrough on the road.

Sina Technology Tracy

in the outside world, a low-key operation for many years the cosmetics B2C Lasafo good momentum of development — both brand and original brand agent, Jia Jing, also backed by resources media artist founder Li Jing, the day deserve better than peers or other categories of vertical B2C is better, but Lasafo CEO Wang Licheng still tangled, only the core reason one cannot get rid of, and not to the loss sustained way.

"you can not have it both ways." In Wang Licheng’s view, its own brand and B2C static electricity supplier is "two things", then from the two angles of cut electricity supplier, because industry competition is not so fierce, but if there is a day of fierce to endure it, do not rule out the need to give up one, the current electricity supplier in harsh environment, the music bee needs ready.

from the latest round of $40 million financing, the main purpose of – Shanghai – R & D center, you can see the choice of Li Jing and Wang Licheng. "Give up which is not the most important, the most important thing is to adhere to which, to be a popular local skin care brand, Li Jing’s dream for many years." Wang Licheng said that at present, has been out of the joy of good music bee network single sales channels, began to shop to Tmall, Jingdong mall and Amazon china.

so as a cosmetics sales platform B2C Le bee network where?

The general idea is

vertical electric transformation platform, but when to cross the platform means to compete with Jingdong, Tmall mall, in case of insufficient reserve funds will be completely not a rival, but if you do not stay in the B2C in the vertical transition step, the endless loss still is a dead end.

Wang Licheng in efficiency as an example, vertical class efficiency is not high platform: such as Le bee only to the user to send cosmetics, and can give users a platform to send light bulbs, toothbrushes, electric appliances, cosmetics so many things, from a consumer perspective, order efficiency and logistics efficiency are improved. The higher the efficiency of the site, the more no personality, the more the site has no personality, no efficiency, so the market will have a segmentation".

Wang Licheng love number is 37, may eventually be able to account for the China platform market share of 70% and 30% for personalized web site, it should be stressed enough personality, rather than the vertical category B2C, because the efficiency in the vertical category B2C to platform and competition, is certainly no way to survive.

this is also happy bee network personalized search >

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