Hao123 alliance set out from the Baidu alliance will improve traffic sharing

A5 (http://s.www.admin5.com/) station network July 10th news, Baidu union July 4th announcement, since July 1, 2013, Baidu alliance’s hao123 business has migrated to the new platform –hao123 Alliance: http://s.hao123union.baidu.com/login.html, Baidu alliance by the user’s user name and password to log in directly to the original alliance alliance hao123. After the hao123 business has always belonged to the category of Baidu Baidu alliance, hao123 alliance established, hao123 site navigation promotion business independently, intends to strengthen its site navigation channel flow stability and expansion.

site navigation as the Internet’s second largest Internet portal, has played an important role. Hao123 as the largest domestic site navigation station, Baidu’s own traffic channel in the pivotal. So hao123 promotion has been the main business of Baidu alliance. Last year, 360 launched a search engine to start the layout of the first Internet portal, which 3B war kicked off. This year, Baidu and 360 have accelerated the layout of the mobile Internet, but also through the acquisition and expansion of product services and other forms of strengthening their own channels. Although Baidu holds the first entrance of the domestic Internet search engine, the market share of leading position. But after the introduction of 360 search engines, but also feel the pressure. 360 hand security guards and the two security browser entrance, plus the search on the line of 360, the flow of imports is also more flowering, and Baidu to compete with. Prior to hao123 has been revised, more attention to the content of the home page, the hao123 Alliance on the line, will strengthen the promotion of Baidu site navigation channels, and thus build their own channel system Baidu.

is still the same as the previous hao123 alliance promotion business, such as the establishment of hao123 for home page, website station jump cooperation, third party browser cooperation, hao123 fast cooperation, Baidu browser cooperation. Hao123 promotion has been a channel to get personal Commission Commission, speculated that the establishment of the hao123 alliance, the future will increase the number of promotional services, and even increase the commission.



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