Tmall installment purchase and Jingdong ious Data War opened the curtain

June 18th, Ali and Jingdong played a rather lively price war in the field of digital 3C, the Jingdong once lost the digital elder brother Ali electricity supplier total mobile phone sales, gourd ladle handle, which is almost three times that of the former.

fight this fight down, Ali won the name, consumers get benefits, the two are in the theft of a smile, only some depressed Jingdong.

but it’s not the end of the story, it’s just the beginning. Ali’s brother seems to lack some of the big brother "spirit", this is not, in the payment business for Jingdong to break off the wrist.

as the onlookers, I venture to analyse the situation.

, a Tmall VS positive battlefield: Jingdong ious staging

At the beginning of

, Ali and Tencent virtual credit card was halted. Jingdong ious on credit concept successfully bypassed the payment minefield, has been on a roll.

so, Ali adhering to the concept of "Le Le Le Le Le Le Le" concept, decisive in the payment of this business on a foot, but also the main home appliance Jingdong core business. From this perspective, Tmall is no secret to the installment purchase IOUs Jingdong launched positive offensive boldness, also cruel.

below the first analysis of the positive battlefield on both sides of the strength comparison.

first of all, consumers are most concerned about is the phased manner, rates and other vital interests of the policy. Give you a list of data:

Jingdong ious rates is divided into four files: 3 (the rate of 1.5%) and 6 (the rate of 3%) and 12 (the rate of 6%) and 24 (12% rate).


installment purchase rate of third gear: 3 (0 rate), 6 (4.5%), 9 (6%). Among them, the merchant is responsible for 0.8% of the fixed, the rest borne by the consumer.

from the point of view of the rate, the two sides have different advantages in the repayment period, and in the choice of more consumers in the 6 phase, the rate of Jingdong has more advantages. But it is worth noting that the Jingdong of IOUS is a one-time charge service fees, even if the early repayment is not refundable, but Ali small loans paid by installments taken, prepayment is without payment.

addition, if Tmall platform merchants to promote a product, you can also set the rate discount. Merchants can set up the highest rate of 100% of the provisions, then the price of the display in the shop page is about 0, consumers only need to pay the actual price of the goods can be.

in this regard, Jingdong can choose a more flexible way of staging, Ali charges and rates more humane. The two is a leg.

look at the ease of application of the loan.

The current

Jingdong ious relatively stringent audit standards and not too mature, it has a great relationship with the big data weaknesses on this point will be discussed below (>

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