The online market for nearly 400 billion Hangzhou Shenzhen construction of Electronic Commerce Cente

in mid August, a Taobao Fontbleau Shenzhen Shekou net valley was soon acquired more than 800 yuan investment risk, this is also the industry that Taobao is the first venture capital will get just opened shop.

Ma Yunceng said: in the future, Taobao shop will be born in the listed companies, this is not a dream."

and Ma Yun’s Taobao, from 2003 to the end of 2007 sales exceeded $40 billion, only spent more than 4 years, while the world’s first retail chain WAL-MART, spent 29 years.

now, online trading has become an important form of trade in china. According to iResearch statistics, 2009 China online shopping market continue rapid growth in recent years, the annual online shopping market transactions reached 248 billion 350 million yuan, an increase of 93.7%; online shopping transactions accounted for the proportion of total retail sales of consumer goods rose to 1.98%; at the same time, the network shopping user scale breakthrough 100 million.

departments are expected this year, the national network sales will reach 400 billion yuan, the next few years, China’s e-commerce will have more than 35% growth, e-commerce business opportunities. However, according to the reporter survey, in the Pearl River Delta industrial intensive land, in addition to the rapid development of e-commerce in Shenzhen, the development of other regions is not satisfactory. In the future construction of the international electronic commerce center in Shenzhen fell on the back of Hangzhou. Experts said the next ten years is the golden age of the development of e-commerce in for the past ten years, Guangdong once lost this opportunity, it will lose the opportunity to accelerate the development of a Pearl River Delta industry.

hot Shenzhen shop

a shop can sell a single piece of clothing 11 thousand and 679, also hit a single day net sales of $1 million 260 thousand Taobao records!

is located in Luohu District Liantang Industrial Zone in the name of a "Ousuo" shop, is a bonanza shop. Open its sales records, single piece of thousands of pieces of sales is not surprising, thousands of pieces are very common, hundreds of pieces is the basic.

June 28, 2010, the Taobao mall official flagship store sales exceeded 1 million 260 thousand mark, Taobao created a single day sales record; in January 2010, it was the famous fashion magazine "Ruili"; in August 2009, boarded the CCTV "shopping street". And it really got the authorization of the European Union Group Co., Ltd. in Hongkong, mainland China to become the brand’s total dealer time is October 2007.

and the individual shop Xiaodaxiaonao, Ousuo started is aimed at "brand", rather than the other clothing store take the "motley crew" route. Its clothing is basically playing their own LOGO, which is also the key to many clothing brands in the fore. Moreover, the reporter learned that they have their own room, with the design team, with all kinds of customer service staff with more than and 300 people, of their own design works can be orders to OEM factory do not.

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