Those who burst into the circle of good friends are in these 8 routines

the morning of April 1st, I went to the college’s socket "new media copy training camp" ShangHai Railway Station courses, lecturers are business Fan Fan Wei Deng main classes, the topic is "how to build the maxed circle of friends".


among them, about the title, fan master to share a lot of skills, I put her talk about other content interspersed in the title of the tips to share with everyone, and finally share some of my own title.

an article, the title is very important. But I personally think that the title of the party is only an increase in the amount of clicks, to let the reader forward, or by content. We can not simply pursue the title of the party, but you can master the skills of some titles.

a, method

01 people

is a name list of celebrities, on this point, the main fan to share their experience of the team, when doing the content, there is a vicious, popular talk is to put these figures (chiefs) grilled rotten, you can find good content.

how do they charge a character from four angles.

1) from the perspective of time to dig, such as Zuckerberg every stage of anything, no matter when he was CEO, or get married, have children, each time rhythm will become a hot spot.

2) from the point of view of the event, such as the Wang Sicong effect, and the topic of the Wang Sicong, reading is very high, millions. Such as his 11 girlfriend, BBC interview with the same paragraph, lost the black card, birthday party, champagne, Wang Keke spade A (dog).

main fan also shared an interesting thing, they have an editor, I don’t know who Wang Sicong is, can now recognize his 11 girlfriend’s face.

3) from the perspective of the circle, such as Wendy Deng. Many people are joking, if Wendy Deng Liao Han Raiders, will buy.

4) from the point of view of the details of the dig, the Sino US internet forum VS Wuzhen summit, fan Lord they put these two will be together, from the details to see the big brother dress, and even call out the material collected last year, re analysis.


Title 1: Ma Yun, Zhang Zhaoyang, and Liu Qiangdong, can you put on your suit,


Title: Wang Sicong lost 2 black cards, how cattle


: what are the title of the 3 Wendy Deng 30 year old woman? The meat is not generally


title 4: from $one hundred million photo: Ma head is not small, Wang Jianlin will receive the chin……

some of the popular characters and events, we can combine their own articles of tonality use, such as the recent Liu Yan Bridesmaid event.

02 pendulum attitude

new season Gucci

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