Lianliankan is not just a small game

Lianliankan game as already known to every family, but until now, its influence not only in the game itself, it also gradually into the ordinary life into commercial operation! Say it into the ordinary life, I’m sure you will know fruit even even look, kitchen Lianliankan, Lianliankan, animal the military Lianliankan, Lianliankan, some of them will appear in a school held regular activities, some will debut on television, and even Shanghai World Expo have acoustic shadow Lianliankan


again, we say: Beijing tourism, Shanghai tourism, the Imperial Palace tourism, also can be said to be Beijing: Lianliankan, Lianliankan, Lianliankan Shanghai the Imperial Palace, in fact this argument than simply call tourism more vivid and interesting, it is not only accurate to convey the meaning, but also catchy call up


said it into commercial operation, I think you may know the prize Lianliankan, Lianliankan, Lianliankan LOGO Livina! Of course! If you don’t know much about it, never mind, after all, mainly to small Lianliankan game are all


so, we may wish to become more familiar with the business operations to see repeatedly! Typical is Livina Lianliankan, it is a car company to promote its development and operation of a car prize Lianliankan game, has been the successful operation of the two


, is a network company launched LOGO Lianliankan have a unique style, but also in the form of reward to operate, successful clearance reward cash, bill, businesses to provide gifts, it can penetrate into every industry, such as cars, to sign a car operation, the women’s dress looks again and again again and again it seems, real estate in the real estate operation again and again seems to make up repeatedly looks cosmetic operation,


may, after reading these, in addition to the game, maybe one day you will have to Lianliankan whim: I can also see see United League practise Bertram see many Lianliankan


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