2010 China B2C e commerce summit expert advisor list

The host

Chinese Internet association "2010 China B2C e-commerce summit related work started to tighten Gong with, at the same time to determine the first expert advisory list announced.

summit expert consultants are in the Internet industry, e-commerce or related fields with outstanding contributions and lofty prestige of the enterprise executives or celebrities. Expert advisor to the guidance and supervision of the summit and a series of activities, at the same time as a guest to attend the summit, to participate in the summit of expert judges and three portals co sponsored the "Chinese online shopping ten years a landmark event" selection and promotion activities.

summit of the first list of experts has been identified. Including: China Internet Association vice chairman Huang Chengqing, innovation works founder Li Kaifu, Baidu has ah general manager Li Mingyuan, vice president of Lenovo Liu Xiaolin, aged CEO, Tencent VANCL pat Network General Manager Liu Chunning, the Amazon President Wang Hanhua, vice president of Baidu Shen Haoyu Zhou Feng, senior vice president of NetEase, Jingdong, CEO mall e-commerce experts Lei Jun, Liu Qiangdong dangdang.com vice president Chen Tenghua, senior vice president Yu Lijuan, Le Tianya President Hu Chao, rhyme express general manager Zhou Baigen, Mary billion online CEO fine Ke Xing YeePay CEO bin Tang, Mcglaughlin, President of Gu Beichun, West Guo Hongchi, CEO Li Shubin, President of the United States good music to buy Electronic Commerce Minister Huang Xiaoyi, vice president of Wang Yong Cochran diamond the Ministry of Commerce, Alipay senior director Zhang Kun, eLong CEO, Cui Guangfu Tianrun Deputy Finance Li Jin, general manager of Wangfujing department store information director Liu Changxin, youku.com vice president Zhu Huilong, the famous critic Liu Xingliang IT, Jisaiwei executive vice president Jin Xin, vice president of network pharmacy Xue Feng and Lightinthebox E, President of Oncidium home network president Zhang Yi, Xidan friendship group electronic commerce department director Zhou Jingyan, eBay China CEO Liao Guangyu, general manager of Niu Zhengzhao gold mesh 6688CEO, Wang Juntao, vice president of the east section of the red child, ZJS President Chen Xianbao, IPS general manager Luan Yumin, vice president of Dai Zheng and so on where to go.

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