France PGC information community Melty get 10 million 500 thousand euros C round of financing

Melty is one of the latest trends in movie, TV, and game news. The company is headquartered in Paris, france. The site’s user base is mainly between 18 and 35 years of age. Melty on Thursday received a 10 million 500 thousand euro C round of financing.

The main contents include: the

Melty website the latest trend information in line with the tastes of young people, movie and TV interviews, the spoilers, kuso. At present, in addition to the 12 Melty classification information website French original, also opened the official English, Italy, Germany, Poland, Czech, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, Arabia national version. According to official statistics, as of now, the company has attracted 22 million global UV by a total of 32 classification website and mobile phone software, this figure also makes investors believe that Melty is expected to become one of the most current information platform is popular with young people.

round lead investment company focused on electricity providers, social networking and Bio Science companies early venture capital Jaina Capital. It is reported that Jaina Capital jointly established by the French hotel magnate Accor brand Meetic founder Marc Simoncini and French businessman Patricia Barbizet. In addition, the current round of investment companies include: Serena Capital and Bouygues Telecom Initiatives.

served as Melty round of investment advisers is the European financial company Clipperton, the company’s business includes technology, media and healthcare industry companies.

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