Zhu Hongjian a forum to promote the madman God road

Objective: This is an article for 08 years just behind the station when writing, the blog is now missing some cases in the paper, just put this article leaves in it then look good with words please forgive me.

A few days ago in the

portal mutual exchange area to send a message, the content is to open the new forum visit statistics and forum today and yesterday posted a screenshot in the post and also briefly describes the promotion process of me! When two days up received the invitation: O Kai moderator please put the methods you used in the promotion of the forum and the experience for everyone to write to share.

nonsense not say we’ll rush theme, first my forum early development goals 90, direction – to create a Chinese 90 largest online gathering place in the early stage of the construction of the forum, I referred to the domestic several 90 theme of the forum, found inside the membership registration biggest but, but on the amount of post 1000+, the daily post less more than 200+. A happy heart, but the competition is not great!

a QQ group promotion

1 in the forum construction is finished, I was in Taobao received 11 7 QQ group. 5 to 80 subject group, 5 to 90 theme group, 1 for my forum moderator contact group. Taking into account the 80 and 90 after the group many also belong to the mainstream of the group, I used 1 days time to add a group of 20 non mainstream popularity is very busy, QQ can search the theme of 90 groups all over, 80 subject group with almost more than and 20.

2 promotion method is: in the form of hair in my add 80 after 90 Q group, non mainstream Q group to promote. If you can stick with this effect is good, you think of an average Q group of nearly 100 people, 70 Q group and more than 7 thousand people, but the workload is very horrible.

3 followed by the Q group in which to recruit a group of administrators, each group recruit 2, online time every day must be 3 hours -10 hours. (and tell them that the forum for the future open, do good group administrators have the opportunity to be elected forum moderator) good results, attracted dozens of people for the situation.

4 take every step is to my satisfaction, apply to the administrator of responsibility is very good, in the spare time of his friends are introduced, seriously, this is a family group, join the people are deeply attached to each other will open, about the theme of our


5 so, continue to open forum on the occasion, I almost do not need to spend money to do what promotion, direct administrator together, ask them to open the forum information sent to the group, to let his own management group members each know, OK easily in the forum! Open two days over more than and 800 registered users, second days post exceeded 976 IP470 on PV4800.


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