Robin Li Baidu 2012 annual conference speech believe in the power of Technology

Robin Li 19 keynote speech at the annual meeting of Baidu.



technology news January 22nd morning news, said keynote Baidu CEO Robin Li 19 at the annual meeting of Baidu, traditional search, mobile cloud, LBS, internationalization strategy will be the future direction of the four major business of Baidu.

2012 for Baidu, may be the most difficult and most difficult year in recent years." Robin Li said, "there are some questions: Baidu is outside of our development is not missed the layout of the initiative in the future? Is not only lying on the leading edge of laurels? Is not the lack of innovation power and ability Chinese? Today the Internet is experiencing the transition from PC to mobile, Baidu must usher in the two rapid development in the mobile era."

Robin Li said that the current Baidu in the field of speech and image processing technology has been achieved. Although the voice products started late, but has been in the leading position, and image processing technology, has now launched the first face the whole network search products, search accuracy rate increased from 20% to 80%.

China Internet a lot of people exaggerate the power of the channel, they believe that the future is not the most important products, not technology, is the channel." Turning to the recent challenges, Robin Li said Baidu will not ignore the value of the channel, but technology innovation is always the most fundamental motivation for user needs.

Robin Li said that Baidu’s cloud computing, voice, image, natural language understanding and a series of technologies will become the key to the future of the industry. He concluded that Baidu has clearly found the future of the four key business direction: traditional search, mobile cloud, LBS, international strategy.

Baidu in December last year, successfully issued $1 billion 500 million of bonds, this is by far the Chinese listed company, one of the largest non state-owned enterprises financing, Baidu has become in recent years, the SEC issued only Chinese enterprises registered bonds in the future will continue to increase the use of these funds, on the basis of technology investment, strengthen product layout and innovation." Robin Li said. (


is the following Robin Li speech:

dear fellow students, good afternoon, everyone!


was so happy to see everyone so happy. You know what? When I Baidu when introduced to others, let me feel the most proud of the sentence is: Baidu staff average age of only 26 years old! Because when I say this, I felt I was 26 years old. At this moment, surrounded by such youth and enthusiasm, if someone asked me, "you are happy", I will say: I am very happy!

we spent together in 2012, this year, we work together, together with pride, to open up, adhere to.

here I am

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