Small and medium sized web site best operational KP metrics

website analysis, access to large amounts of data is not difficult, the difficulty is to establish an assessment system, access to effective analysis of high quality insights, in order to achieve the digital site operation and marketing activities. This article from the Avinash article translation, translation is not in place or the wrong place, hope you correct me, English good friends also suggested that direct reading of the text "Best Web Metrics for a / KPIs Small, Medium or Large Sized Business".



: the best KPI/ metrics for web site operations

first, the best operation of small web KPI/ metrics

1, revenue cost measurement

single revenue cost (CPA)

from the target to obtain a single cost to assess, eliminate CPA inappropriate marketing projects, improve the input of CPA lower project.

CPA should be used as one of the best measurement analysis report, which shows the number of hits (Impressions), (Clicks), click rate (CTR), the average cost per click (Avg CPC), conversion (Conversions) measure data are available through Google Analytics and Omniture website analysis tool, but the cost (Cost) need to check.


figure two: small website operation cost KPI/ metric

2, visitor behavior metrics

bounce rate (Bounce Rate)

through the rate of high and low, you can identify the marketing activities brought about by visitors and landing pages of the correlation of the matching situation, in order to reduce or increase the marketing activities of resource inputs.

pay off rate (Abandonment Rate)

The quickest way to earn money from

is to get it from someone who wants to give you the money. Give the highest rate of the most important processes in the payment process, payment by reducing the number of steps, will start at the end, the account is registered by the A/B test and multivariate testing (high cost) and other measures to continuously test and assessment, there will be a big change in revenue.

through Excel, Paditrack, KissMetrics and other free tools to establish payment path detection, automatic access to Abandonment Rate and other related metrics.


figure three: pay off rate monitoring

3, to measure the effects of < >

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