The wayward Bell Roman Tam bell listed on the domain name can not just wear slippers

June 29th hearing, used to see the suit to that suit must be listed bell, bell standard, but did not think anyone can be a casual wear flip flops to the listed bell, and this make people refreshed "through" is the domain name buyers, former general manager of Dongguan rain forest wind. Wall-E Technology founder Roman Tam.


: Roman Tam

was expelled from school founder

high school has not graduated, Roman Tam was expelled from school because of the fighting, entrepreneurial experience is quite legendary. It is said that after being dismissed, Roman Tam, who loves the computer began to mix the Internet cafes, but with others’ blind mix is different, the choice of the Internet cafes to help maintain the system in. Later, he left home to work in Huizhou and Guangzhou computer, helping people to install the system, until the high school buddy to find him, he called a business together.

two young people over twenty, no funds have no way to start, even to Industrial and Commercial Bureau easier said than done, registration, because of various reasons and almost not registered. In 2005, Roman Tam and Lai Linfeng returned to his hometown to sell computer, excavation of the first pot of gold". Second years, two people created the computer technology forum "professional wind", Roman Tam was put on the development of Ghost system, and answer user questions in the process.

then, "rain forest wind" on the way to stride forward singing militant songs developed into a well-known website, forum, and has been in the forefront. In 2007, Roman Tam and Lai Linfeng also created 114 web site navigation ( and provide software download "download" (



: Wall-E technology

Select the domain name

look sinister

2008, in the context of the financial crisis, Roman Tam and Lai Linfeng also expensive to buy the domain name from abroad, enabling the establishment of 115 cloud. The following year, they spent $100 thousand, about 680 thousand yuan price to buy the best domain name, the same year, then buy domain name. 2012, Roman Tam from the hands of the high price of the acquisition of the acquisition of digital domain, build a navigation site. In addition, they also hold, and many other domain names.


does not play the domain name investment, but it is undeniable that Roman Tam and Lai Linfeng in the eyes of the domain name is really unique, the hands of the domain name is fine, only a, the current market value than the original purchase price rose at least 10 times.


is now Roman Tam’s ylmf industry, but in 2012 once again start Wall-E technology, but as the rapid momentum, set up second years, Wall-E technology to achieve profitability.

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