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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network September 15th news, recently on the U.S. group finance news, news that the U.S. group also raised $2 billion, there is news that the U.S. group money is tight, but have yet to find investors. For the reporter’s confirmation that the United States expressed no comment on the financing of the news.

U.S. mission official said that the specific financing information inconvenience comment. "But one thing can be revealed is that investors are very optimistic about the future development of the U.S. group, there is no financing problems. Time will let all the rumor collapse of itself, to uncover the truth. Today, the United States and the development trend of the group’s market position, as well as the United States and the group’s market capacity and space, investors will not see the future development prospects and huge potential huge returns."

this year, thousands of war, the United States mission alone outside the watch board in other sites have appeared, group purchase eye condition, to improve its service and the accumulation of users and market. After the U.S. delegation on the entire industry decline under the condition of sudden fierce to Shirupozhu posture wins siege, from thousands of successful group purchase website war situation talent shows itself. After that, the United States mission has been stationed in the takeaway, film and other vertical segments, the layout of the future strategy of the O2O market.

under the weight of the transaction, the original steady and stable U.S. group was forced to enter the ultra high speed, overload state, just to come up with a convenient display of the transaction number. But because the cost is too high, but also saddled with a heavy financial pressure, and in such a development cycle can not extricate themselves. In fact, O2O is now burn industry, market structure, beauty and not overwhelming, money is very normal. The T strategy of the US group determines that it needs a lot of subsidies in each business area.

at the same time, rich giants flow is step by step, in addition to Baidu hit 20 billion yuan to push glutinous rice, also provides mobile phone Baidu, Baidu map, where the network and other resources for its entrance; Ali also launched a new local life service reputation network layout of the line, Alipay has entrance; Tencent backed by public comment WeChat this super entrance. Needless to say, the United States Mission of the situation is really worrying besieged on all sides.

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