O2O market weakness to be breaking millions of people are abandoning group purchase



1 million 940 thousand passengers per month to abandon the group to buy food and beverage service prices rose an average discount of 1 fell by into

O2O (Online To Offline, the next line of business services to the Internet sale) sounds very popular but not a new concept, 13 years ago and B2B e-commerce was born, but failed to grow. Later, dianping.com, ganji.com, Ctrip, a series of ticketing website and nearly two years the most popular group purchase are attributable to this field, experience of silence, the explosion of red, then to the calm period, O2O concept is still looking for a way to break the bottleneck.

Q: development is very weak

months are millions of people abandon buy

O2O implicated rebuffs

group purchase hot let O2O the concept of fast, group purchase has become almost synonymous with O2O, many people even think that O2O’s future growth and development into a proportional relationship between the group purchase. But from the beginning of this year, the group had to pay crazy users seem to be less interested.

according to the group 800 data show that in March 42 million 660 thousand people purchase group purchase, the first half of this year reached the highest peak, since then, the numbers continued to decline, by June only 36 million 838 thousand people pushing consumption, the average monthly 1 million 940 thousand people to give up group purchase.

what is the group purchase enthusiasm why hit the Internet? "Difficult, slow, the booking refund service does not match with the site and other issues, in my purchase group purchase products, most service is difficult to satisfy me, group purchase Master Miss Zhao told reporters.

prices caused by the user

O2O low price difficult to maintain

in fact, in addition to business service is not in place, one of the important reasons of group purchase prices are also the "out of favor". 800 the latest data show that in June this year, group purchase price is the highest since last July for a month, which compared the local dishes in July last year, the price of 57% group purchase group purchase price 12% buffet, and the two category is the group purchase industry share accounted for two.

in addition, the reporter login top five group purchase website found, including two sites were removed for the description on the page group purchase discount, only marked price and the group purchase price, as a result, the user cannot so easily compare the level of discount. According to miss Du often buy reflect, I feel this year, the group seems to be something more expensive than last year, before more than 40 percent off of the group did not buy so much now, are generally half discount".

in this regard, insiders worry slightly, "when the loss of online sales of low-cost advantage, will inevitably lead to the loss of part of the user, and the scale of Internet users dropped group purchase will greatly influence the development of O2O".

market weakness down O>

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