Zhang Zhaoyang internal speech the portal is underestimated Six high profile restructuring Sohu

I horse: 2015, Zhang Zhaoyang let it be reforming portal! He decided to change from a high-profile low-key, from the background to the front desk to lead the company into the future Sohu. He first registered in Sina micro-blog account, announced two major events: Sohu failed to do SNS, the introduction of Chen Zhaohua as the chief editor of Sohu content; Sohu to restructure the portal, a large number of people.

recently, Zhang Zhaoyang also held a conference in the management of Sohu, the Sohu to increase the portal points out an important strategy, and published nearly million words of dry cargo speech, extremely excited for the team.

Zhang Zhaoyang said: "this conference held today, is to lay the management direction of Sohu in 2015," we have to do things to high-profile, let everybody understand what we are doing things, and spread our idea."

following I horse for everyone from the speech of Zhang Zhaoyang dry cargo:

today, here to attend a meeting of about three hundred people, are more than four employees, although more than the Sohu, but all of our managers, involving about Sohu including the reform of the information portal to everyone to.

you know, I took a few years back management a year ago, in the past less than a year, basically a little wind sneaked into the night, low-key quietly in the management, with a few people will open some. In this process, I have our products, technology, user groups, business models in all aspects of exploratory, practical thinking, and now have a further understanding.

I found quiet management has not, we are a team, a social organization or the organization around the advertisers, users, partners in all aspects is an ecological system, if I just do some products, the technical aspects of the discussion and make the whole company can not see the future direction, no confidence the future development of the company’s words, this is not a correct management, especially in such a fragmented era of information consumption.

1, terminal to the mobile terminal for content consumption will complement the SNS model

over the past few years, the organization of information and content, consumption patterns and advertising has undergone tremendous changes.

the traditional portal era has passed, just open the domain name of Sohu PC era has passed, and now is the era of a variety of ports, especially mobile ports. Now the Sohu have tens of millions of users on the PC platform, as well as the pop about forty million micro portal, add up to sixty million.

mobile phone quickly pulled out two blocks: one is the news client, and the other is a mobile Sohu, the news client UV1200 per day, hand search network of 35 million UV. The problem is, in the end APP applications and H5 applications who wins, who is a strong entrance rendering strong, and the other is the traffic center open system search engine, all of the ICU

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