Nora Wang Xin has ndoorsman gene programmers from the programmer turned rogue

the day before yesterday, Nora CEO before Mrs. Wang Xin called "Hello husband on micro-blog?" long micro-blog, just two hours to read more than 800 thousand, a reward over more than 2600 people, netizens have said "Alipay account for my sister-in-law" and "hold on". In contrast with the online harmony, Wang Xin will be on trial. Entrepreneurs in the Internet industry, Wang Xin was undoubtedly a star, Wang Xinceng said: if one day I become a rogue, please remember that I was innocent." Today, we inventory Wang Xin is how to become a rogue from the pure programmer.


Wang Xin: [with Indoorsman gene]


Wang Xin is one of the Indoorsman hundred-percent, his first job as a programmer at Dragon company. After living out of their own needs to start a business, and then to fail once famous enterprises to work, and ultimately create a "Indoorsman artifact nora.


[initial business only hold 3 years: once refused to grand acquisition]

in 2002, because they do not like the work atmosphere, Wang Xin founded the "Shenzhen stone software company, mainly to do music exchange software, but due to the lack of management and market experience for 3 years went bankrupt. The most prosperous development point to more than and 80, grand Wang Xin has also been found to be acquired, but did not negotiate. However, his technical talent and unique insights on product development was a grand CEO Chen Tianqiao appreciation.

[able to bend straight: after the collapse of the company to give a grand job]

stone software after the collapse of Wang Xin Chen was dug grandly, he served as assistant director of SDO department, leading R & D Sheng box ", but nothing came of the project. As a result, Wang Xin had to return to the entrepreneurial army, this is a step by step to force the current situation.


[Zoupian Jian Feng "Indoorsman artifact Nora turned out]

in 2006, Wang Xin returned to Shenzhen to continue to venture, and in 2007 in a set of farmer room in the creation of Nora company, the monthly rent of 3000, plus manual and server costs, the monthly need to invest $30 thousand. A year later, Wang Xin’s 500 thousand investment of nearly exhausted. Because of the advertising revenue, he began to look for investment at this time, Nora’s popularity gradually rising, users continue to increase, so Wang Xin Li Qing had got 3 million investment, after half a year, 360 and Wang Xin talk into investment. 2011, Nora became the first player in the Chinese market share.


[poor rectification "piracy and pornography" sin] as the shadow follows the form of

Nora has been trying to diversify the road, >

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