The acquisition of hazhan com Kazakhstan culture media limited liability company unwilling to disclo

Harbin December 12th news: reporters today from Harbin Kazakhstan culture media Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kazakhstan") confirmed that Kazakhstan has acquired the domain name, the domain name "ownership" of the name of Wu Di SEO yesterday formally to kazakhstan.

purchase price of several hundred thousand yuan

as everyone knows, Harbin Kazakhstan culture media Co., Ltd. is a professional media in business planning, network marketing, brand packaging business. It is a new media platform and online home to provide fast, intimate and effective city life service. Harbin is one of the most influential online media.

Harbin Kazakhstan culture media Co., Ltd. SEO Wu Di said in an interview with reporters yesterday: "the domain name in turn, we have no plans for how to use." As for the acquisition of the domain price and the purpose of the acquisition is all confidential.

price, the speculation will be higher and hundreds of thousands of yuan, "the domain name was registered as early as a few years ago, and for this domain Kazakhstan culture media Co. Ltd has the original owner and negotiate many times without success. Investigation of the relevant departments of Harbin did not report a higher acquisition record."

now has to renew the domain name query Whois 2013-10-30

site planning

Reporters ask questions

Kazakhstan SEO Wu Di about the site location, like Wu Di told reporters: Kazakhstan lock user groups with 18-45 year old Kochi social mainstream crowd, this group is characterized by high consumption, high education, high sensitivity (ability to integrate information and the ability to accept new things). They are not only the target consumer groups of many products and services, but also a lot of new products, new services in the early consumer, in the consumer communication chain has considerable influence. This group is like the wind vane of consumption and media use, they show the characteristics of consumption or media use often indicates that the public is about to follow the trend.

Kazakhstan related information

today to check the next Baidu encyclopedia "Kazakhstan" has already changed Harbin Kazakhstan culture media Co., the company’s website and browse the information in the times: about 62769 times of the "Harbin" 5567.htm "is the first well-known website" Kazakhstan network.

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