You spend so much effort to do data analysis useful

a long time ago, you and I have been doing physics. I remember when the teacher often nagging, "first carefully, understand the questions, then, finally, to do"; "you! You! Said several times how to listen sought eagle?"

understand that the teacher’s good intentions, after suffering, you and I also have successfully finished school, don’t you do not have to do, do not have to test. However, life is full of nine in ten, you and I once again embarked on the road of data analysis.

conversion to the current perspective. We do the purpose of data analysis, in order to solve the problem, in another word, is to be useful ah. So you do the analysis, useful, how to do the analysis is useful?


directly to the use of the results of the analysis, converted into value, is the business. Perhaps in such a way to do the analysis, more useful.

1, the first topic (understanding the business, as the direction of


2, thinking methods (analysis ideas, design analysis program)

3, write

(select analysis technology, analysis).


routine is visible, and when we do the same, but the physical problem has also done a lot, too many of our past, why the data analyzed here, still a lot of problems? I think, to do is one thing, and now do the analysis into an organization, cohesion is a problem.

failed to do data analysis scenarios:

l analysis results are wrong

l analysis results are correct, but there is no egg, the results can not produce value

l according to the results of the analysis, you can give the proposed direction, but it is empty, can not be landing

l analysis of the results, the proposed direction is also, there are landing program, but the business is not to perform

the first scene is relatively rare, but behind the scenes are doing data analysis often encounter. A chestnut.

scene a:

company with the Jingdong in June 18th to engage with 618 big promotion, after the business find Wang, said: "Pharaoh ah, we finished a analysis to me, let me have a look at the effect of


Wang received the task to start collecting data, processing data, making model, illustrated in table. Finally came to the conclusion: We during the event, the central UV growth of 150% over the weekend, the overall conversion rate increased by an order of magnitude, orders increased by 110%, sales increased by $85%. Which accounted for the highest proportion of orders in Jiangsu, reaching 27%…."

business: what do you want to tell me, is to tell me that the activity is good, next year also engage in 618 big promotion?

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