Friend impression was 33 million Pre A round of financing of social acquaintances is saturated China

Abstract: a new generation of social products can not only be achieved through a simple change subversive success, we must change from the target, pain points, user psychology, morphology, it is possible to break through. If it is still simple based on the timeline, the traditional relationship between the distribution chain, Forum Forum these models, it is still essentially belong to this era of products

recently, APP won the social friend impression 33 million yuan Pre-A round of financing, the investor is Softbank China, by Tencent multi-creation space hundred plans to hatch, part of the funds from the Jingdong to raise public. In addition, the friend impression of the shareholders are also included Yu Minhong, Ren Zhiqiang, Pan Shiyi, Xinyi Zhang, Hai Qing and other business, showbiz star cafe. It is understood that the impression of a friend is a social APP products, the main record of his life story, evaluation of others, to write a story to friends and other functions, is a real name, anonymous features both social software. Earlier, the friend impression has been through the check circle of friends visiting "H5 applications such as rapid access to about 50000000 PV and nearly 10 million UV, once reached more than 20 products in the APP Store social total list, called" the first case of the circle of friends of H5 marketing".

in WeChat, QQ, unfamiliar street in acquaintances, strangers social fields occupy a strong position today, what kind of social product can break through? Compared to other VC giants, Softbank investment has very little social products, why choose to invest

friend impression?


social acquaintances a dominant WeChat, friends impression what mining acquaintances can each other writing content on the homepage; real name anonymous mixing; see the reviews of authenticity UGC friends of friends and strangers social precipitation need to eliminate noise, emphasize the high quality social relations social connection has been saturated, the next generation of social need to improve the connection efficiency of nearly 70 thousand.

friends in the impression of CEO Wei Zhicheng seems, acquaintances social stability and security, but also a lack of expectations, only to provide additional value-added experience is likely to break through. The impression of friends in this regard made three breakthroughs:. This is compared to WeChat’s three major breakthrough, rekindled the joy of social acquaintances. In addition, the image of friends more emphasis on identity and. Friends are forced to force the real name of the community, each person’s nickname in a friend after the registration is automatically determine the true name. The impression of a friend in a few months after the UGC is still some comments and points like, compared to micro-blog, WeChat, unfamiliar street UGC, friends of the impression of precipitation is groundbreaking.

strange social why difficult to do, there are two factors: first, lack of trust, the two is the complex needs can not be matched, the result of mutual harassment, become a noise.

in the unfamiliar street, even including WeChat, we may know a lot of people, but did not have too much in common, don’t even remember his own understanding, when the reason is fatal to understand each other’s "panoramic information" does not understand, resulting in wasting a lot of time and fine >

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