Dai Renguang the city Sunday recruiting agents to explain the case of soft shoes

this is a city of brand shoes brand recruit soft network of agents to join, this is my first one piece of work, and also my blog shortly after, an old friend, known as "wine red blue" webmaster, we called him just as just as before, is a full-time webmaster, after joining brand shoes City Sunday, any electronic commerce department. The city Sunday shoes brand online or more famous, especially in Zhejiang, there are all kinds of counters in shopping malls, but before the arrival in Hong Jie, they are not in electronic commerce, the network is a blank. The first thing to join after is to bring the company settled into the Taobao mall, and then recruit a lot of agents to join together to do Sunday Metropolis Network market. At that time my wife as the city’s first batch of agents on Sunday, began to start the online Taobao store. After a period of operation, a woman asked me to help them write a soft Wen recruit agents, I will promise to come down.

article reads as follows:

look at this title "free shop agent profit, how to do?" sounds like bragging, but I can say this is the Taobao shop, especially early set very commonly used method, free shop agent, you can through the agency of others, and then set up shop to shop the most ordinary people. Headache is certainly the supply problem, where to purchase? Where goods cheaper? We do sell? So very big heads, especially without experience in the shop manager, even a learning process are not! I will introduce the new model shop today, free shop agent, how to make profits

!It is

, you are trading orders, and now this free online agency is also called the "delivery" mode, the manufacturer is directly help you delivery, you have no goods, but became a manufacturer’s agent (some manufacturers are already implementing), as long as the customer through you here under the orders pay you, you can give the order to the manufacturer, and then pay for manufacturers! Such as a commodity, the manufacturers give you the price is 80 yuan, your price is 100 yuan, so when customers buy 100 yuan to buy, you will give the order to the manufacturer, and then pay 80 yuan manufacturers, manufacturers shipped! Then according to this model, I started a self


my girlfriend Taobao stores in this shop is also just opened soon, probably 2 months, credit only 2 hearts, but sometimes when business is good, one day the order is four or five, a list is at least more than 20 yuan of profits, even thirty or forty yuan of profits, this kind of on a day to earn hundreds of yuan, general every day there will be two or three single, one of the main agent of the products is "city Sunday", the city Sunday is the main products are shoes, because wine red blue sister went to the city on Sunday, the commerce department did a boss, so it is justifies into their agents, shoes directly from their store goods, release baby, single user, directly to them.

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