Teach you two strokes how to do WeChat O2O marketing tactic

the day before yesterday, a friend asked me, how do you think the defender, WeChat promotion, now many methods have no effect. He is doing farm, is visitors to their home farm meal, consumption, play their home farm, hundreds of acres of land, at the local, is quite successful doing.

The rise of mobile Internet

this year, the last year in particular is the rise of micro marketing, micro shop, the friend is a more motivated people, see the rise of the mobile Internet, but also to catch the main feeling this time, follow the pace of this era.

I asked him, how do you promote your WeChat public account?

he told me that mainly from the following methods to promote his WeChat public account.

1, WeChat public accounts often send a number of successful learning and spiritual chicken soup article, and then personal number or friends forwarded.

The two-dimensional code

2, in which all farm napkins are printed on the farm of public accounts.

3, in the side of the road rented a big billboard, printed on the billboard with the farm’s two-dimensional code and other advertising information.

4, the customer to the store to scan two-dimensional code can get WiFi password.

5, easy to spend money to find some small size to bring their own trumpet.

I asked him, you now have a number of scores on the public, he said a few thousand, nearly ten thousand people. But it doesn’t feel any use… .

if you are using the above promotion methods, or you feel that the fans are useless, then, Congratulations, you also shot. I am here to share with my friend

in the first method, "WeChat public accounts often send some success and chicken soup article, then no personal friend or forwarding", this method has just begun is some effect, but now success, many people see the proliferation of chicken soup, go out, and that the promotion of WeChat public the account is of no value, will be mentioned later.

second, "on the farm inside all the napkins are printed on the farm in the public account of the two-dimensional code, excuse me, what do you use reason to let others scan two-dimensional code of your


third methods, in the side of the road to rent a big billboard, printed on the billboard of the farm two-dimensional code and other advertising information." This is nonsense, through the side of the road are the car, who will see the two-dimensional code in the car immediately took out his mobile phone to scan, and above the same problem, what the user to scan the two-dimensional code

?Fourth method

, "customers come to the store consumption after scanning the two-dimensional code can get WiFi password" this method may be smaller, but once the departure of the consumers immediately delete this WeChat public, because he may never be used, >.

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