Where travel sites appear twins are imitating Kayak

, in fact, where to go and where the network site is to imitate Kayak." A travel search engine company executives told reporters that "a passive imitation China Internet industry has been stifled creativity and vitality imperceptibly, the end result may be intensified price war caused vicious spiral industry."

Following the

two after "happy net" to two "where the network between a genuine battle has kicked off.

recently, a well-known travel search engine website and where the network (www.qunar.com), business format is very similar to the site, where network (www.quna.com) in people’s field of vision, but its image in the public opinion is "copycat version where the network". In this regard, it is considered to be a copycat version of the network yesterday released a public statement, said to go where the network registration, where the trademark itself there are a number of objections, in order to justify their cottage version is not.

where to appear online twins

recently, resembles a travel search engine site where the network "where network discovered, its website in terms of positioning, business model, domain name, Logo, or the layout of page and colors are like" where to go ", and" where network Logo under the line of text that people look for it is a thousand times "also can not help but fall into a reverie.

it is understood that the "known to users where the network is a copycat version of" where network, is a company called Guangzhou city where information technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guangzhou where) the development of the website to collect and publish some flights, hotels, train tickets and other travel information in a timely manner to help people live. To solve consumers what place, what time can buy cheap air tickets, train tickets and departure, in which hotel where the cheapest etc..

public information, where the network by Beijing qunar Information Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Beijing qunar) was founded in 2005, is the earliest one of the travel search engine service providers, by American venture investor Mayfield (Mayfield) and Jinsha River joint venture investment support. Where network vice president Dai said, the site has 30 million independent users per month, 2008 revenue reached tens of millions of dollars level, and is expected to implement the listing plan after two years.

was born to face which network, Dai Zheng recently told the media that the company has focused on "go" network for several days, but they don’t notice "where" network, do not want to comment.

cottage version was set up two years earlier

"we founded in June 6, 2003, has been doing business travel business, the company name is also called the" Guangzhou where "domain name is quna.com, and where the network is also our company was established two years later, the website domain name registration time is two years later, and now the anti cap was put on a" copycat "

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