One week news review the history of the largest data breaches Bo Pai car collapse

1 learning Luo thinking? Watercress finally decided to do their own book

positioning from this book will be able to see the positioning of the crowd watercress, this idea is not different with the Luo thinking.

April Fool’s day April 1st, watercress bookstore on the line. Open the watercress reading channel home page, "Mr. Wind" four word title title greets, followed by a row of small, "this is the watercress for you to do the first book".

"on the front of the line for a long time online bookstore watercress, wanted to yesterday, didn’t think of this one, but to catch up with the April Fool’s day." An employee to the curiosity daily revealed. The press people have speculated that "this is to be sold watercress circle’s second logic thinking."

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learning Luo thinking? Watercress finally decided to do their own book  

watercress began to sell books, but not as you imagine  

2 is the largest in the history of the global elite exposure data leakage hidden treasures  

April 4th, according to foreign media reports TechInsider technology called Mossack Fonseca, a Panama law firm recently leaked a lot of data, these data include the exposure of the Russian President Putin, the global elite hidden wealth.

Mossack Fonseca is an obscure law firm in Central America, with offices all over the world. The leaked data includes a large number of emails and confidential documents, revealed included Russian President Putin and the Prime Minister of Iceland, how to use the powerful offshore tax havens and shell companies to conceal their business transactions.

in the past year, hundreds of reporters from around the world to analyze the secret Mossack Fonseca leaked data. The results of their study are written in a Panama Papers paper, published in April 3rd.

3 almost known to launch the value almost, but do not watercress marketing, but won today’s headlines, why

allows users to share a valuable information in the circle of friends, but to the key part of the code, other users can choose to pay to see. Know almost on April 1st fool’s day release and the red circle of friends photos "is similar to the" value between "by some of the big V forwarding sparked shuabing.

know what the real intention of the launch of the product?

has the Department staff revealed that the value is only about the hacker marathon internal activities this year’s winners, the event encourages engineers to develop a range of interesting products. A friend said, this is nothing more than knowing a little egg in the April Fool’s day release.

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