Dong Mingzhu responded to the acquisition of Zhuhai Silver Dragon Based on human health

yesterday, Dong Mingzhu, Lang Xianping, Li Guoqing and fan Dengsi biggest names in the industry gathered in Jiangcheng to participate in the "F4 Wuhan brand share will meet the future". The same day attracted thousands of enthusiastic visitors arrived in Wuhan International Tennis Center to listen to these names share how they build brand experience.

the finale of Dong Mingzhu is undoubtedly the most eye-catching speakers, since she entered the hall, on the field of applause and cheers will be the venue of the atmosphere as one falls, another rises, brought to the climax. Currently, GREE has dabbled in air conditioners, refrigerators, household appliances, mobile phones, robots, new energy vehicles, intelligent equipment and many other fields. When it comes to the new business, Dong Mingzhu has repeatedly stressed that GREE Electric will adhere to professional management, professional development, professional production, also hope that the new business can be as GREE air-conditioning, not only do Chinese first, but also towards a world-class goal. This kind of professional attitude and philosophy, to become the first, but also a reflection of the artisan spirit ".

world’s best air conditioner in China

because there are GREE

"good air conditioner made by GREE". Yesterday, when the host shouted "good air conditioning", the scene of thousands of entrepreneurs from around the country, entrepreneurs and students also shouted "GREE" made in Wuhan ", this kind" welcome Dong Mingzhu at the Wuhan International Tennis Center speech.

China’s rise needs to challenge the spirit of the rise. I dare say that the world’s best air conditioning in China, because there are GREE". Before the speech, Dong Mingzhu invited the audience to watch a section of GREE’s new production line advertising. The picture of the robot as a dancer, with the rhythm of swing arm, an industrial power picture ready. This is one of the important content of Dong Mingzhu’s speech that day, only the manufacturing sector is the cornerstone of China’s rise.

she said, now China’s real economy is not very good, with some of the capital class fiery scenes in stark contrast. She pointed out that, in addition to the state and society to create a more equitable market environment for the real economy, entrepreneurs regardless of size, this time should not give up their dreams.

from the sales clerk, Secretary to the general manager and the chairman of the board; from Chinese manufacturing rise, grasp the core technology, to invest in Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park, silver long new energy shares, Dong Mingzhu’s speech has a "Iron Lady" is how to make more, let the audience feel the "Chinese manufacturing complex sister Dong" deep.

1991, when Dong Mingzhu entered GREE turnover of less than one hundred million. 1995, Dong Mingzhu in charge of the sales department, the year to achieve turnover of 2 billion 800 million, in one fell swoop profitability. 2001 as general manager 5 billion 600 million, turnover in 2005 exceeded 10 billion. 2015, Dong Mingzhu served as chairman of GREE, turnover exceeded 100 billion, profit margin increased from 6% to 13%.

GREE has been able to succeed, and Dong Mingzhu’s self challenging spirit. China is exporting

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