Recruitment plan

purpose of building a website:

The results of the latest statistics

, the number of Internet users has reached 253 million Chinese! China Internet media influence over the traditional media for the first time! This means that the Internet has the 253 million highest consumption ability the most purchasing power of consumer groups! In the rapid development of Internet information society, to establish their own web site, or sell their own goods has gradually as the essential means, more and more people to get information through the network, the network propaganda influence has gradually show a strong advantage.

survey analysis:

with people on the Internet more rational knowledge, we have set up a website and feel is not the ultimate aim, objective should be to make up the web site or network platform to bring the information growth, rich web site is to establish the core of the website, web page is a carrier of information, all need publicity on the Internet, information and contact information is accomplished through the web design. Web page design is a core work, so I will focus on Web design.

planning Web Design:

1, web design art design requirements, web art design generally with the overall image of the site in accordance with the CI specification. Attention should be paid to the application of color, pictures and layout of the web page, to maintain the overall consistency of the web page.

web page design by the artist to check, the overall image and norms must be in accordance with CI, and the next phase echoes, pictures and modules of the display also has its own characteristics and style.

2, in the use of new technologies to consider the main target of the distribution area, age class, network speed, reading habits, etc.. Different people have their own habits, like left-handed, so we have to choose a different age and reading habits of a moderate model, so that everyone feels comfortable reading.

3, the development of web page revision plan, such as six months to a year for a larger scale revision.

a web site after making a big modification is best not too frequent, it is best to change a year, when the time is not to change the style and color.

4, video resume for individuals and businesses to provide more intuitive personal job information.

5, enhanced search for individuals and businesses to provide a wealth of information, you can use the search and search outside the station, so as to solve the problem without embarrassment. This function is more important in the early operation.

6, job blog, record personal job search process services, is a witness to the user’s life.

Website maintenance of

website operation plan:

1, server and related software and hardware maintenance, to assess the possible problems, formulate response time. Server software and hardware maintenance is particularly important, to carry out a wide range of measurement >

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