58 home financing 300 million Ali force O2O

Beijing daily news (reporter Li Duo, Xiao Peng) under the capital of the winter, O2O financing frequency significantly reduced, but the giants are not affected. Yesterday, the city’s 58 O2O platform to sign a binding A round of equity financing agreement, financing $300 million, including Alibaba group, the global investment giant KKR and Ping An venture capital. 58 home CEO Chen Xiaohua said it will consolidate the existing category, add new products to further enhance the market position, expand the advantages.

after the financing, 58 home valuation of more than $1 billion, 58 city still retains a majority stake of 58 home. Chen Xiaohua believes that the amount of the total amount of orders and businesses 58 home growth proved to increase market share, reduce customer acquisition costs and increase the rate of re purchase strategy is effective, in the Alibaba, KKR and Ping venture support, will continue to enhance the strength of the market, research and development, to consolidate the leading position in the market and, for start-up of service industry startup investment support.

as one of the big three BAT Ali did not gain a leading position in terms of O2O. Create a Baidu Nuomi, investment regulating the family network O2O layout in the heavily Baidu, Ali also living in the local industry to force. 58 city board chairman and chief executive officer Yao Jinbo said, O2O life services market is huge, with the hope of 58 home with Alibaba, KKR and Ping An venture capital to create a connection with the user and the workers of the ecosystem.

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