nternet cafes propaganda is not suitable for local portal Forum

for the local portal forum, Internet cafes propaganda no effect. It’s not 1999, it’s 2008. Some people still put seven or eight years ago propaganda experience turned out, this is behind closed doors, let Fei Jinqian and energy.

a great man said, "no investigation, no right to speak". Now you go to the Internet bar to see how many people are browsing the web?. Internet cafes are not playing the game while watching movies, while chatting QQ. In such an environment, the website, the forum’s propaganda what role?

for local forums, the main members of the population are local residents. Now with the popularity of broadband, the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more families began to install broadband. Moreover, for many parents, there are too many unstable factors in the Internet Cafe: people mixed, poor sanitation. They will be relieved to see their children go to the Internet bar run


I think now the Internet cafes in the crowd or since the friends from abroad, local people less. For the local forum, it should strive to find local Internet users to focus on the relative concentration of publicity, in order to get twice the result with half the effort.

tomorrow I will write a "local portal forum effective propaganda method", are my original, from the traffic statistics proved extremely effective method, please look forward to.

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