n a dilemma PHP where to go

in the past six months or even longer, at least I am looking for PHP developers for the three companies. I talked to some programmers, received some feedback, and even interviewed a few people, but I have never recommended anyone.

before I explain, don’t attack me too much. I’m not looking for rocket scientists, nor am I looking for the same high-end developers, I’m not even going to find a senior PHP developer. As long as there are enough levels to maintain CakePHP and WordPress these two projects will be enough, not to mention, they are still open source.

I understand that not everyone uses CakePHP and WordPress to develop. I also understand that familiar with the code and read related documents both need some time. Know not everyone is familiar with open-source software development model, not everyone in the team work, therefore, be familiar with version control software, document editing tools and bug tracking and so on are not within the scope of the requirements.

but I don’t understand is why those who claim to use PHP and MySQL, at least two web development projects, but not with pen and paper to write the most simple code? Why several years of PHP development and team leadership experience "senior engineer web", with no Dreamweaver development environment is that at least Nothing is right.? Have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, developers are still advocating bubble sort? Why are programmers no longer answer technical questions, but began to talk to potential employers interview? Why have technical staff several years experience working in a team, in an interview even asked about the technical problems of the most simple, will be at a loss


if you want to know the answers to these questions, here’s an example. For example, there is a simple question: "what is the difference between stack (also known as FILO) and queue (also known as pipe or FIFO)?" the answer is clearly hidden in the problem, isn’t it?

those who claim to have several years of experience in the development of work and project candidates, in the interview will often encounter some simple procedural problems. For example, here’s a question: "use PHP to create a list of people to store information, including the names of characters, age and gender, to which add three samples. Then, a list of the names of the men in the list will be discharged, and there will be extra points if you don’t use the database." Each candidate has only one piece of paper, a pen, and an unlimited answer time. But over the past six months, I’ve never seen anyone writing a code to solve these problems.

we are looking for candidates through all the recruitment websites, newspapers, local communities and employment agencies, but the results are not successful. Now we just need

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