Users predict the truth of the earthquake the Department of internal staff has been dismissed Beijing May 13th news (reporter Lv Zheng) this afternoon, the network exclusive secret of the users to predict earthquakes. ". The reporter then learned from the original source of the set of social network, the author of the post is the site of the Wuhan branch staff Liu, has been expelled from the company, the site responsible person to get the internal punishment.

, according to the person in charge of the social network, the site forum, I predict that China will be an earthquake in May 12, 2008, less than two hours, the site forum managers on the relevant content to be deleted. In order to save the file, query the web technical staff post IP address, and found that the company Wuhan branch of the similar segment. Then the site to verify the company’s personnel, and finally identified the Department of the web site editor liu.

it is understood that Liu is 25 years old this year, less than half a year to the company. According to Liu himself explained that when he was on duty in the office of the earthquake, suddenly felt something around shaking, aware of the earthquake. In order to brag about, find an article he had sent in May 7th at the forum posts, the posts as the original author can change the content of the original post convenience, replace "I predict the earthquake" in May 12, 2008 Chinese will, the content of the post is also his own fiction. Home in the evening to see the news that the news of the earthquake, and the Internet to delete the post. But the post has been reproduced by a number of sites.

identify the reason, agency set net immediately to the Editor Liu made expelled from punishment, the responsible person, including the editor has also been a corresponding internal processing, beginning tomorrow, social network will be published on the website home page letter "apology to the netizen the last person in charge said.

commentary: natural disasters! Is a disaster! The earthquake from February to May snowstorm, who did not think 2008 is such a tough year, God seems to be in a test of a great nation. The current China, is in the face of difficulties during the war, but we do not bow, straighten the spine, brave face.

as a Chinese citizen, at this time we should stand together and the motherland; as media practitioners, we should be responsible for your words, because your words will face hundreds of millions of readers. The website of the relevant parties timely and resolute, responsible practice is worth affirmation, but also hope that the majority of media practitioners to learn a lesson. The scourge has not been beaten, we have to do a lot of things……

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