Sources said Google’s acquisition of Twitter negotiations nearing completion


technology news Beijing time on April 3rd at noon news, technology blog TechCrunch founder Michael · Arlington (Michael Arrington) Bowen said, two sources said, Google’s acquisition of Twitter near the end of negotiations. It is unclear Google’s bid for Twitter, but it is certainly much higher than the recent valuation of investment institutions Twitter $250 million.

Twitter just a few months ago rejected a $500 million offer offered by Facebook. Google’s offer will be cash plus / or publicly traded shares (equivalent to cash). No matter how the final purchase price of Google Twitter, and Facebook must offer cannot be mention in the same breath.

why Google wants to buy Twitter? Recent discussions that the real value of Twitter is the search. Twitter has great potential for real-time search, and Google does not involve real-time search business. Last month, it released an article that now Twitter should be regarded as a search engine. In this article, he pointed out that more and more people begin to use Twitter to carry on the real-time discussion to the brand and so on, and carries on the exchange. The discussion of the brand wants to understand the content of the discussion, can meet this point.

people search for news, and brand vendors search feedback. Twitter search is very valuable. Twitter knows that, too.

Twitter will set up business models based on search. Can be seen from Google, the search is very valuable. Currently, 40% of Google’s online ad revenue comes from search advertising.

if Google can acquire Twitter, this will be a great deal for Google. Will also be Twitter founder Evan · Williams (Evan Williams) and · (Biz Stone biz; Stone) second will sell their company to Google, two of them 5 years ago will be sold to Google Blogger.

but there is a source said that Google’s acquisition of Twitter negotiations are still in the early stages. Google and Twitter are also considering the launch of Google’s real-time search engine.

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