Xinwanghulian middle level personnel mutiny spread to Southern China and East China region

        May 27th news (reporter Xiao Kefeng) on May 27th, according to informed sources, the recent emergence of large-scale changes in the new network interconnection personnel, a large number of middle managers to resign  . The company responsible person, the sales staff change is normal, there is no large-scale changes.The

said that the resignation of staff in Southern China, East China, southwest of the Northern District Sales Manager, director and director of marketing and sales management personnel, "they had 50120 SMS Web site is mainly responsible for the sales work, Xinwanghulian recently turned to the 12114 platform, which is part of the customer can not be cut, which may be the main reason for his resignation".

reporter tried to contact the new phone Internet Marketing Director Li Tao, was the company’s front desk to inform the no man".

, vice president of the new network, said in an interview with reporters, sales staff changes are normal, but so far, there is no such large-scale changes. (end)

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