Winter blooming life service website Baidu is buying Google’s market

into the background of "winter" in the Internet industry, life service sites have appeared contrarian growth. Industry insiders believe that: this category with the site to meet user needs, in particular, in line with the current economic situation, more consumers to enhance the sensitivity of commodity prices this trend. This is based on the service life of a website is becoming a hotly contested spot. The day before, the largest search engine Baidu is to "formulate" the category of Google’s website — into their camp. Internet analyst pointed out: the service life of the website now has opened the climax of the Internet application potential of the next round, and it can integrate all kinds of Internet users commonly used application resources advantage to a broader development prospects.

Baidu beach life service website

learned from the close to Baidu’s acquisition of event insiders Department reporter: before the date of the largest search engine Baidu, is to "draw" in Google’s has recently received venture capital, and will join Baidu officially from Google independent.

It is reported that Baidu

, attractive conditions thrown is to optimize the search results on the market. According to the reporter suggested that a service with the same category Ganji search content in Baidu input, such as "second-hand desktop computer", in the Baidu search results page, the first three pages have been almost entirely content. According to industry estimates, in such a way that Baidu will bring new users every day more than a million to value equivalent to each month, promotion costs millions of dollars can be achieved. Only this one, if Ganji joined Baidu, the annual marketing can save tens of millions of yuan, the magnitude and the famous annual market cost.

is a thriving new category

The Internet and electronic commerce

CCID Consulting Center Senior Consultant. Guizhou Sichuan said this to reporters, the market situation and Prospect of life information websites have been unanimously optimistic, but the establishment of a prerequisite requires enormous human team participation. Acquisition has become a wise move proved by practice. According to the international authoritative market research firm Alex statistics show that: in the famous portal YAHOO acquisition of the category of word of mouth network, word of mouth network has become the fastest growing domestic website.

With the sharp rise in the amount of

, the content of the content of life information service website has also increased significantly, the number of registered users of each site has increased significantly. Survey shows that the current coverage of life service website has reached 130 million people, indicating that such sites have become one of the mainstream Internet applications. With the gradual improvement of Internet penetration, with the popularity of online shopping, search behavior, the next 250 million Internet users through the Internet to reveal the life service demand will become very large, maximum support such sites of growth.