Renren whether there are Feng Shui problems who buy who fell

The following is a reference:


The person in charge of

below is a reference:
  Renren founded in May 1999. The following year in March 15th, all sites in Hongkong’s parent company Renren Media Holding Ltd acquired Hong Kong listed companies Anjia Group Co., Ltd. 82% stake, renamed the Renren Media Ltd, the backdoor listing.

February 16, 2001, due to the controlling shareholder of the sale of shares held by the controlling requirements, the Hongkong stock market code for 0059 of all media suspension, Renren also announced the closure.

2005, Thousand Oaks group bought the domain name, and in May 2006 to restart Renren project, the main category of information services.


Renren collapse, there are two main reasons for the suspect:

one, everyone is too bad feng shui, who can not do not say, the company to buy it will fall

two, Chen Yizhou was really unlucky, automatically after leaving the Sohu, took the money cheat users and fudge Chinese venture, mop falls, donwes falls, now all fall down again.     it concludes this sentence is not very suitable for CYZ

has a hilarious problem: the use of Google or Sogou input method, input – cyz= entrepreneurs = Chen Yizhou = addiction. It really is the acquisition of addiction but doomed to a lifetime of work in business? The domain name is a Fetion advertising, some grassroots webmaster behavior.