Chinese engineers admitted stealing U S bank source code worth ten million U S dollars

Beijing morning news on December 4th, Chinese computer engineer Zhang Bo (transliteration) after admitted stealing the Federal Reserve Bank of New York software source code, was sentenced to six months probation, which means that he escaped from jail.

, 33, pleaded guilty to the prosecution in May, and told investigators that he had downloaded the source code for the software and then copied it to the hard drive and took it home with Zhang Bo. In addition, Zhang Bo pleaded guilty in another case of immigration fraud.

Zhang Bo case has let congressional investigators and other regulators worried that the Fed is facing the threat of cyber attacks in New York. The United States government said the source code downloaded by Zhang Bo was originally used to help track the financial situation of the system, the development cost of about $9 million 500 thousand.

Zhang Bo told district judge Paul · in Manhattan held a hearing in federal court; serve (Paul Gardephe) said: "I want to apologize to the American government, the court, my former employers and clients on the matter caused confusion." Zhang Bo said he was "very sorry."". On September 2011, Zhang Bo colleagues said he lost a save the source code of the hard disk, then the bank executives to the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation (hereinafter referred to as "FBI") alarm, which immediately launched an investigation, and Zhang Bo has also been very fit.

The court decision

of Zhang Bo also includes three years of prison custody, but without any penalty imposed on him. Because have plead guilty, Zhang Bo may ultimately be deported. The verdict is in line with the recommendations of Zhang Bo’s probation officer. Prosecutors had sought him to be sentenced to 12 to 18 months in prison.

The United States Attorney

· Plitt; bharara (Preet Bharara) spokesman · Jielika; Richardson (Jerika Richardson) and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York · spokesman Andre (Andrea Priest); Preston declined to comment.

It is reported that

, Zhang Bo steal the source code for a "government accounting and reporting procedures" (Government-wide Accounting and Reporting Program) system, the system of financial department all belong to the United States, with billions of dollars to help manage the daily flow of trading accounts. Prosecutors said Zhang Bo in May 2011 as a technology consulting firm, the contractors involved in this project, first he will be a mobile hard disk of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, part of the source code is copied to the system, and then take home multiple copies.

Zhang Bo’s defense lawyer Geoffrey · (Lichtman) in the absence of his case before the end of childhood has long been a babysitter and other reasons, I hope the court can do leniency to the treatment of the on the grounds that the court of justice of the people’s Republic of China (Jeffrey). Federal prosecutor Nikt &m>