Beijing food and Drug Administration the United States mission Baidu takeaway hungry investigation


technology news August 10th morning news, the Beijing Municipal Food and drug administration network monitoring center investigation Baidu takeaway, hungry Mody, not qualified Beauty Group Three ordering platform on ordering merchants, of which 60 will be announced to the public at the same time, the investigation on the three platform.

according to the city food and Drug Supervision Bureau bulletin, the first half of this year, the food and Drug Administration complaint center received a total of Baidu takeaway, hungry and beauty group three ordering platform complaints 228, the U.S. group net reported 92 complaints about the hungry reported 77 complaints about Baidu out of 59 complaints and reports.

food and Drug Administration Internet Monitoring Center for Zhao Xin said, has begun to search the Internet monitoring illegal use of high-tech means to provide a number of illegal clues for the supervision department, dealt with a large number of illegal cases.

is currently the three largest unlicensed undocumented total ordering platform line of more than 12000 businesses. The food and Drug Administration food market supervision department director Li Jiang said that the current regulators have started to search for illegal Internet monitoring, the use of high-tech means in the future, the city food and Drug Supervision Bureau will publish weekly list of businesses lack of qualification platform, encourage the public to report complaints.